Our competitors' knockoffs of these rigs are made in Indonesia, Phillipines,  and Korea.  We believe our rigs have a better quality stainless steel in them.  If they get bent, they can be straightened.  Our stainless is manufactured in the U.S.A.    Our rigs are made in  the good  old  U.S.A. by  us. The minnow rig was patented by my Uncle, Jake Duty.  He originally used the rig for salmon and steelhead in Michigan, moved to Pennsylvania and began using them for PA trout.  I began using them for walleye, the number 2's and wires work great for that.  The wires and 2's work great for smallmouth, but the size 10 hooks are too small for largemouth(must use size 4 doubles).  I use the wires and rigs inside minnows, tubes, and plastic lures.  The plastic lure lasts longer before it needs replacing.
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Nice fish!
Seth Bednar and his father were the only ones able  to  identify all 28  species photos  at  the  Mifflinburg  Cabin  Fever  Expo.  Seth  won  an  underspin reel  from  Invisible  Minnow  Rig  Co.Congrats Seth and Dad.  It was nice meeting you.Don
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Hello Don:Thanks for selling me the Deluxe Trout Rig # 1 and the Triple Hooks.  I caught my limit of 3 Brown Trout the first time I used them!See photo attached ( From Devil's Lake-Baraboo, Wisconsin).Best regards,Greg Hubanks[email protected]
From: Andy carnevale <[email protected]>Date: September 26, 2009 7:51:30 PM EDTSubject: Minnow rigsHello, My name is Andy I just wanted to let you know I have always admired the invisible minnow rig and how it works as it is my favorite thing to use for trout.  My father has been using the # 1 deluxe minnow rig since the early 1970"s.  It truly is the best way to rig a minnow.  Me and my father have caught countless nm\umber of trout over 18 inches long, and almost all of our big fish have been caught on the minnow rig.  The first picture is a 9.8 pound rainbow trout I caught 5 years ago which is why I look so young and other are two average size trout i normally catch on the minnow rig.  Thanks again for continuing to make the minnow rig available, it has made for some great days fishing an in return has created great memories out on the water with my father.  Take care-Andy.
Thanks, Andy from Don, Invisible Minnow Rig
Here are some pics of trout we caught here in Tennessee using your rigs.  I didn't know I could order them online until yesterday.  I would always have my uncle in Steelton send me some every spring.  I grew up in Highspire and I've used your rigs from PA to TN.  Thanks for a great product.  These pics are from Gap Creek which flows directly from Cumberland Mountain through Cumberland Gap, where Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky meet.....Greg SnyderCumberland Gap, TNThanks Greg from Don
SLOGAN:  You wanna catch fish or just take your pole for a walk! 
On the left, trout caught in Lehigh Valley by Richard Bold, November 2016 on our worm harness.  Richard said the worm harness is one of his favorites, and he uses them with crickets.  Thanks, Richard.